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Journey of Your Thrift Shop Donation

When you drop your usable donations in our Thrift Shop’s rolling bins, those gently used clothes, housewares, books and collectibles begin a journey that brings joy and comfort to many in our community.

First stop in the journey is the intake area where all items are carefully sorted. Items suitable for our store are sent to the pricing room. Items we cannot put in the store are shared with over 20 other community service organizations ensuring your donations are put to their best use.

Second stop is the pricing room where members take great care to see that each item is in top condition and tagged with a bar-coded price tag. Next stop is the sales floor where a happy customer purchases and takes home an item and your donation transforms into dollars.

The ultimate end to your donation’s journey is when those dollars are spent on programs that help kids, teens and adults needing support and encouragement. Members work each segment of our Thrift Shop process to maximize its yield. The Thrift Shop earns nearly 67% of the funding for our philanthropic programs. From intake, pricing, operating, greeting and serving our customers our members volunteer and proudly do it all.

Your Thrift Shop donations and purchases are essential to Assistance League’s mission to improve lives and strengthen our community. Thank you for your support. You’re a vital part of Assistance League’s mission.

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